Analytics Architecture

Challenge faced by the business

A financial analytics company providing commercial credit reference agency services and solutions to support business credit / lending decisions had identified that their legacy data processing systems and architecture were inhibiting their growth and new product development plans. The business recognised that they needed help to address the issue.

How we helped

DPI Consulting was asked to review the business' current data architecture, identify issues and make a series of recommendations to address them.

Subsequently this led to DPI being asked to run an RFP process to select a technical delivery partner and work with the partner to deliver a high level design and scoping exercise.

DPI is currently engaged to provide leadership and subject matter expertise across the delivery phase of the project.

What we delivered

Review & Audit

  • A data architecture review was completed to identify issues and limitations, this was overlaid with new business requirements arising from the business strategy

Strategy & Roadmap

  • The review findings were used to develop a conceptual view of the required end state and the associated benefits of achieving this state

  • Alongside the proposed new data architecture a series of actions to address the BAU issues identified was proposed and agreed


  • Definition of a cloud-based data architecture to meet the business' future data analytics needs, separate data analytics from data presentation requirements and provide data processing scalability

  • Completion of an RFI & RFP process to select and engage a technical delivery partner to deliver the solution

  • Manage the relationship with the delivery partner whilst providing leadership and subject matter expertise to the ongoing delivery project


  • This is a live project, please check back soon for more details.